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How To Buy Products

*In the US only:

In an order:

  1. Buying less than $100, pay $7 for shipping.
  2. Buy from $100 or more, free of shipping charge.
  3. Buy over $200 get 1 free of small bottle of Maraton (#10S, 35 capsules).
  4. Buy 10 bottles of the same type, get one free of the same type.
  5. Buy over $300 get 1 free bottle for $36 or less.


      Shipping chargeis $2 per bottle for unlimited quantities of order.

*Other countries: (Except for Australia, please call our office at 1-714-775-2026 to order.)

In an order:

  1. Buy at least 4 bottles.
  2. Buy 4 to 6 bottles, pay $30 for shipping.
  3. Purchase of 7 or more bottles, pay $40 for shipping.


  1. Products are not sold through Norway, Denmark, Germany.
  2. Doctor’s Super ManPower Energizer and Doctor’s Super ManPower Plus (bottle #7 and 7X) cannot be sold to Australia, and other products can still be sold to Australia.



• We are not responsible if the customs of your country of residence inspects, holds the products and imposes taxes.


To buy products, check and order form, please send to:

Dr. Pham Hoang Trung
9822 Bolsa Ave. Suite E
Westminster, CA 92683-6698

Buy online, click on "Products" to select products to pay directly online with Visa, Master card, PayPal.
If you do not want to order online.
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